OK, so here is how we do it:
You can have just a desk in a shared office, just access to the meeting rooms, or both. These come with awesome WiFi Internet.
Then you can add telephone, answering service, and use of the address for mail collection.
The following are the individual components, but don’t forget to look at the best value bundles at the end.


Price per month ex GST:

Desk only in the shared area

Our spacious, ergonomic desks wrap around you gently, at 120 degrees giving you that convenient space without making you feel cramped.

Our comfortable ergonomic chairs are fully adjustable to enable you to properly manage your posture.

Of course, desks have a power to run your IT and mobile gear, are swathed in fast WiFi and even have wired connections if you need them.

Best of all, there are only 6 desks to a 45 sqm space, so you can swing that proverbial ‘cat’!

If you’re wondering how secure it all is, check out “Security”

Price per month ex GST: $500.00

Meeting Room access

The meeting rooms can be accessed by the hour or a set number of hours per month for a monthly discounted fee.

Meeting room 1 includes seating for 6 and two more chairs can be added. It also includes a 40” screen for presentations.

Meeting Room 2 includes an 80” screen and projector, as well as a whiteboard.

All meeting room options include access to kitchenette and restrooms.

Meeting room 1 price per hour ex GST: $35.00
Meeting room 2 price per hour ex GST: $50.00
Meeting room 2 day rate: $220.00

Access to either meeting room for up to 10 hours per month (includes WiFi/Internet): $350.00

Access to either meeting room for up to 20 hours per month (includes WiFi/Internet): $500.00
Meeting room 1

Meeting room 2

Telephone with a number dedicated to you

Our high-end VOIP phone handsets have large displays and are fully featured. You have a number dedicated to you which you can take with you when you leave.

Price per month ex GST: $40.00

Great Value Bundles

BundleDesk + meeting roomsThe Works
Desk in a shared office
Hours of meeting room time (either room)220
WiFi/ Internet with 20GB of traffic
Desk phone with dedicated phone number and answering service


The doors to the offices are always locked and anyone entering must be a member with an electronic access card or fob.

There is video surveillance through-out the offices recording 24×7 without sound. Most Members are happy to leave laptops, PCs etc on their desks as only they are permitted in the shared desk areas.

On the electronic security front, Internet access is through a state-of-the-art firewall and Internet is provided to the office via 40 mega bit full duplex (that’s 40 Mega bits both ways!). This will give you the fastest access around!

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