Front of buildingThe West Perth Office was created by Mark Jackson, entrepreneur, CEO mentor and business coach, and opened in 2015 for business. The concept came about through the collision of two needs. As Mark puts it “This business was originally conceived to solve a problem – I owned the space in West Perth and with the down-turn in mining, found it empty and no tenants to occupy it.”

While pondering the problem of where to find a tenant, Mark was also frustrated at the lack of great meeting spaces. “I had been thinking of renting some space for my own coaching and mentoring work but was horrified at the price, tiny spaces and lack of choice. Worse than the small cramped spaces, you had to pay extortionate amounts extra for access to meeting rooms – places where some of your most important work is done.”

Meeting in coffee shops worked for a while but they had their limitations: “Coffee shops are fine occasionally but often lack adequate privacy for certain conversations and definitely lack great whiteboard and electronic facilities for really tackling difficult problems and facilitating inspired collaboration. I was also spending a lot of time on the road travelling between clients.”

In a moment of inspiration, the two needs came together: “I realized I could create my own perfect office/meeting space. So I created a space that I would be productive in, and proud to work from. It has great meeting areas for in-depth private conversations, as well as group collaboration. Being an IT professional originally, it would of course have awesome WiFi, great Internet speed (40/40Mbps fibre optic connection) and security, and plenty of AV.”

So after a huge effort in a short time-frame, the West Perth Office was born, and is now open for business! Call now to find out more 0407 779 966


About Mark

Mark Jackson - the West Perth OfficeIn 1989 Mark started a business from scratch. Over 24 years he built it up into a medium size organisation turning over $5m and employing 25 people. In 2013 Mark sold it as a going concern (brand, staff, clients and all) to a well-established ASX listed enterprise.

Mark is one of the few business advisors/coaches in Australia who has built, single-handed, a successful SME and seen it through to maturity. Originally an honours graduate in Computer Science, along the way he learned through the school of experience and hard knocks (and subsequently a lot of PD) just what the essential ingredients of business are, and what it takes to successfully integrate them.

Having successfully sold and exited his business, Mark, through Wolfpack and Business Veteran, now loves helping SMEs grow and flourish with a lot less headaches.